Travel Solo

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I have written a blog post but I’m back with one. I noticed whenever I write blogs it tends to be lengthy so for this one I am attempting to write a short one. From my previous post I, mentioned I went to Greece and although I had a good time, unfortunately I got held back to explore and I felt in order to have a best experience, travelling abroad alone could be the best option. Well October last month, I went on a solo trip to Dublin, Ireland, It’s a trip I needed and to reflect because it has been a difficult year for me. I guess that’s why I haven’t been writing any blog post. I enjoyed my trip to Dublin, Ireland as I got to experience a different culture, history and explore landmarks. However, I do feel Ireland and England (the country I live in) are both similar. Below are pics of when I visited Dublin in where the first place I visited was Guinness Storehouse which is a great experience. I recommended going there if you haven’t been to Dublin.

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Dublin Castle
The Campanille #trinitycollegelondon


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Although I was sceptical in going on a solo trip to a foreign country, it has changed my perspective in life. It has helped know more about myself, the confidence to experience new things and that you don’t need someone to make yourself happy as you are solely responsible for your own happiness and desires.

If you haven’t been never to be solo trip aboard, I’ll say start by going to a country that is not too far from where you live before visiting a country that could take 4-6 hours on the plane. Because of this, I have the confidence to go on solo trips and hopefully this can be done at the end of this year. Going on a solo trip is a thing that I recommend and it should be on your wish list.