The Power Of Music

You know I am happy that an element like music has been created. Music can you feel happy, joyous but also help get you through the dark paths. It’s an expression that makes you feel at ease, reduce stress and feel like you are celebrating.

I remember when I was at high school, I was constantly being bullied and was having a tough time.  I needed something to escape from the anguish and I started writing songs to express how I was feeling when I was at school. Looking back it was songs of sadness but at least it got my mind of things. Being an adult person and still is having the love of music as when I listening to it, shows that without music, I wouldn’t be me. I become a different person and as a result I sometimes get eccentric. People may think that I am weird but that’s what #thepowerofmusic can do. Sometimes I think maybe I should have pursue it more when I was a teenager but at the time I was told by my parent that education is important.

As I mentioned, music is joyous but can be also very influential in where people will not only get inspired too but also influenced in their daily lives.  When I was at uni when I had night out, a song called The Motto by Drake and Lil Wayne was playing.  The lyrics from the song states that “You only live once, that’s the motto n***a, YOLO”. Who would have thought that after the song was played in radio stations, TVs etc. that this song would have made such a big impact! I recall when I entered retail stores, I saw T-Shirts with the name YOLO. I even see friends of mine quoting YOLO in their Facebook bio. YOLO has tone down but looking back I was thinking it shouldn’t really influence a younger generation but it has and I was one of them. And from my previous post Called Trending Perfection Celebrities I stated regarding celebrities “We idolised them and we are very impressed of their achievements and we regard them as role models. We follow their style, their body image and believe in what they say. Celebrities these days can be very influential.”


Music can be therapy to some people as it can make you have energy out of nowhere but music can bring out the best of people but also the worst. I am big music lover so I listen to most types of music. I definitely like listening to hip hop music bust sometimes I do query why I listen to this type of music because the lyrics can be distasteful. Rappers mostly rap about sex, drugs, money and violence and its’ glorified like it’s the norm. Yes they feel they have to rap about this based on their struggles they had but young people see the fame and the benefits the rappers have entailed and they are inspired to that. They feel I can be successful like the rappers if I be like them.  Don’t get me wrong, you can get influence by any genre you listen to but for me, hip hop is a genre that is becoming a huge influence. From a Christian respective, it’s important to listen to gospel music more than secular music so we can have positive mind-set and get right with God. There’s nothing wrong in listening to secular music as they are not all bad but music is so influential you could get easily corrupt. That’s why I aim not to listen to music that could lead me think in a way that’s uncommon.

Music can be a gift from God. It can inspire people to better themselves but can get heavy influence from lyrics musicians have used frequently to sell records. Music make you get have a deep connection with the musician’s lyrics that you may act use it solely for your lifestyle and it may bring repercussions. For me, music is like an addiction as you can’t enough of it and you need it to make you feel it ease. Music is escapism. Music is a powerful tool and that’s guys is  the power of music.

Why Common’s Be album should be considered as one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums

So for the last couple of weeks, I have been listening to old school hip-hop music and I came across an album called Be from Common. I have listen to it before a couple of years ago and I thought this album is great but then I’d listen to the album again, I didn’t think it was great album. I believe it was a magnificent album. The album that was released in 2005 was critically-acclaimed in where it was nominated for 4 Grammy awards. It was listed as one of the best albums of that year. But 10 years from release and I think to myself why this album hasn’t been considered as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time? Yes they are albums that are better than Common’s Be in the last 20 years but Common has created a flawless, consistent, inspiring, well lyrical album and should be considered as one.

#common #be #hiphop #album #classic #rembarkable
#common #be #hiphop #album #classic #rembarkable

Each track from the 11 track album which lasts 42 minutes is well constructed, meaningful and most importantly engaging. The album starts with an intro which I think it’s one of the best hip-hop intros I ever heard as its beautiful played with strings with an uplifting bass. His opening lyrics start off with “I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left/I’m talking Malcolm, Coltrane, my man Yusef.”This gives you the optimism and confidence that this album is going to be one of his best albums of his career and indeed it was.

The next track “The Corner” is one of the hardest tracks he has done in where his lyrics is gripping as he tells the struggles of poor neighbourhoods in where says “We write songs about wrong cause it’s hard to see right.” His commentary throughout his song show the songs from the people living in the streets were their breakthrough from the streets although it wasn’t hopeful and the beat of the song make its gritty of a song that’s authentic. On ”Testify“, he delivers his flowing ability on an entertaining track of a story from the courtroom in where a wife is hoping is that her husband doesn’t go to jail but it comes with a twist.

What makes Be remarkable is the production that makes the album very listenable and the credit deserves goes to the late J Dilla and particularly Kanye West who majority produced the album in where he produced 9 of the 11 tracks. You could say it’s arguably one of his best works as a producer. One of his work includes “Go” in where Common fantasies about a female in a sexual way. It’s a glorious track from an album that has soulful hip-hop feel with elements of jazz.

But why should this album be considered as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time? Well not only it’s a classic as it’s unique and inspiring. Common is taking us in the journey in where he’s speaking directing at us and for us to make a stand and reach our goals despite our transgressions and struggles. “Real People which has a jazz feel is an example in the raps “So dreams we say out like speakerphone just to keep em on/It’s like a colored song that keep keepin on.” Although some of his lyrics in this song did cause some controversy when he raps “Black men walking with white girls on they arms/I be mad at ’em as if I know they moms/Told to go beyond the surface, a person’s a person/When we lessen our women, our condition seems to worsen.” He’s showing his dissatisfaction of interracial relationships and feels black women will be undermined further more as the black race is not valued in this society.

And from the final track “It’s Your World” in where in part 1, Common talks about his own struggles but also a woman he know who had dreams of being a singer but she’s now an prostitute in where he show his displeasure. It may be a low key song but the lyrics are priceless especially in part 2 when his father deliver his message of spoken word in where he states “Be invited, be long-living, be forgiving, be not forgetful.”

#common #rapper #underrated
#common #rapper #underrated

And that makes the album utter remarkable. It’s never dull thanks to his lyrics which are top notch. Each track has a message and he’s delivering his spoken word through rapping and that’s why some people think he’s a righteous man based on what he says. It’s like he’s a teacher and we are his pupils. He has raised the bar in his narratives and raised new heights when the album was released.

Despite being well received, I feel it’s an album that’s underrated and doesn’t get enough recognition. In the same year, Kanye West released Late Registration which may have overshadowed this album as it was a masterpiece in where it won numerous of awards and transformed his career for the better and also for the worst during the years.

However, Be is an album that should also get the same recognition. It deserves to be in the list of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Maybe not in the top 10 but definitely in the top 30. It’s consistent, flourished, groundbreaking and masterful.

So if you are frustrated of the current hip hop music scene right now listen to some old school hip hop and this album particularly. It will bring you back to the days in where hip hop was immaculate.

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