Honesty is the best policy or is it?


There’s a saying that honesty is the best policy and for people including myself I would agree on that but is it really the best policy? Why do I have some doubts in this saying? Well although it’s good to be honest and to speak your mind, it can lead you into trouble. It can make you lose your job, relationships to break down, get into trouble from the law and so on.

Social Media

As social media has been increasing for the past few years and it has become part of our lives in where people like me would like to tweet, share pictures on Instagram, post videos and write posts on Facebook. Social media has been great as you can interact with new people and reconnect with old people and use the features I have mentioned, however social network websites can damage relationships. Why because of what people have put up. Social media tends us to be more expressive and blunt of how we are feeling without thinking that we’re exposing ourselves. I have seen people post up information that is unnecessary, distasteful and sometimes racist.

For example, I constantly see people talking about their relationships with their partner and how they love him/her but also criticising their partner when problems occurs. They will say I can say what I want when I want and they are obliged to do as we have freedom of speech. But if you want your private life to be private, keep it low key instead of talking about your lives publicly as people will interfere in your business which will lead to friction.

Saying stuff you thought it’s harmless but others think differently wouldn’t go down well too. Although people may think to themselves “It’s no harm done. People are not going to be bothered of what I’ve put up.” But then hours later you hear people commenting on your post in where you put for example that girls should be slaves to men and people are negative towards it and then days later in public, people are gossiping towards you, you will start to regret it of what you have said. Even though you deleted your post, the damage is done and the perception of you from people will change and your reputation is in ruins. Unfortunately, I have written a post which wasn’t well received and it didn’t help my cause. It has made me aware of what information I should and shouldn’t put up.

That’s why sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut and stay silent as there will be some people out there who would use your words against you. Don’t say all of your personal stuff to your friends as the people you thought you can trust is sometimes the ones who are publicly telling your business.

Lying Is Risky

So you will be thinking if being honest gets me into trouble then I should do the opposite and lie? Yes and no. Yes you should lie in order to protect yourself and the people you care about for example if someone trying to hurt you and your family, someone is trying to mislead you or if someone is trying to take advantage of your goodwill. But don’t lie in where you told people that you have cancer, you didn’t steal any money or cheated on someone in where it has proven to be false.

It all depends on the situation in terms of what you should and shouldn’t lie about but whatever the situation, lying to someone will make you lose that trust with that person. They will feel distant and question your friendship/relationship with them. On the other hand, I hear people say if they don’t know the truth, then they will not get hurt. That could be right but how are you going to prevent the person from finding out? By lying. The truth will come out eventually. Secrets and lies are dangerous as they do get out of hand. Instead of your pride, tell the truth. The person may not be happy at first but as you told the truth, forgiveness may come into place.

Hearing The Truth Can Be Useful

Sometimes people are afraid to hear the truth from people as they can’t handle it but the truth is needed. It can help you know your faults, overcome them and make you a better person. If you made mistakes and you don’t know why yet people know and they don’t tell you, then you won’t know why people have rejected you. Some people don’t want to tell you so you can fail but receiving constrictive criticism from others can motivate you and help you grow to be the best you can be. In addition, you could inspire others when being honest about yourself regarding to your personal experience which could make them believe in themselves to be successful.

Honesty Is A Win Lose Situation


With this taken into account, the reality is that you can give some respect from people by being honest but you can also lose some respect from people by being honest. To summarise, honesty being the best policy is a win-lose situation. Some people are honest in order to guide others and to display a good nature whereas some people are honest in order to be spiteful and boost their ego. We live in selfish society in where people want to be outspoken just to get attention. I see people from social media to television in where have said stuff that are shocking but because they have received an amount of attention, they find this appealing so they continued to be controversial. It’s a shame that they do this just to help their self-esteem.

In my view, being honest has its benefits. It can you give inner peace and save you from guilt. You will become trustworthy, reliable and sustain close relationships from others. You will have control in your life when you are true to yourself. Also it takes guts to be honest depending on the situation as sometimes people like to keep their views to themselves in where it’s hurting them inside. However, don’t be too honest in where you have a point of view on things as may lead you into trouble. With more people using social media websites, people are becoming more exposed based on what they say. If you have an opinion in where you feel you need to be open about, then you are entitled to do so. I would do the same after all I can be a very honest person at times. Although you have to consider others and not your ego. You have to think carefully if your opinion is going to hurt others and whether is necessary. Your words and actions will define what people will think of you in a good way or a bad way and people will make a perception of you whether you have meet them or not.

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