#blackpanther review

When it comes to comic-book films, Marvel are on the their job as they constantly make great films and when Black Panther was announced, it was a film that was going to be highly anticipated and talk about in particularly for the black community. If you watched Captain America: Civil War, you see Black Panther being featured for the first time. The eighteen movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe follows that film in where T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns to an African nation called Wakanda as king following the death of his father. However there are challenges in his new role as past and present events could disturb to the kingdom and the world.

After an introduction of how Wakanda comes to place, we go to the year 1992 in where we glimpsed T’Challa’s father before the present day in where T’Challa goes in a rescue mission. This mission resembles of a mission you may see in Nigeria as he was rescuing girls in where they have been kidnapped by an Islamic group called Boko Haram. The film is slow to pick up but as it continues, it gets steady and you understand the more of the plot in where the gang, T’Challa, Okoye (Danai Gurira, and T’Challa’s ex Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) head to South Korea to attempt to stop arms dealer Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) after he stole a Vibranium piece in where he could use it to disturb Wakanda.

#blackpanther #blackexcellence

The storyline however for this feature film is something that’s ordinary but the way the storytelling is formed, it becomes compelling as the film goes on. It has sub plots for the characters in the film in where it’s absorbing and has its significance. For instance you see T’Challa speaking to his late father but from the background it has a resemble moment from the classic The Lion King and the scene looks amazing. What makes it more impressive is this film is directed by Ryan Coogler in where its only his third movie after Fruitvale station and Creed  in where his films has been ambitious and enthralling and it has come to great effect. This film is another example. The soundtrack for this film is stunning as well in the cinematography. Performance wise everyone do their job well particularly the supporting acts. Boseman is efficient as Black Panther, Guira is tough as nails in leading a female guard, man of the moment Daniel Kaluyya who plays W’Kabi was cool and Michael B Jordon who plays kills Eric ‘Killmonger’ Stevens who is seeking vengeance has that confident, swagger, gangster feel in where it works well. Also Winston Duke is ace as M’Baku but a person that may have stolen the show is Letitia Wright who plays T’Challa’s sister Shuri. She brings that aura in where her character is so likable. It beings out energy and she is the equivalent of Q in the 007 films then she shows her brains but also a cheeky comic side.

However they are hiccups in the film. Although the storyline managed to be compelling as it does look ordinary, the finale of the film is a disappointment. The action scenes could have been tweaked a bit more to make the film overall more spectacular. Frankly this film was overhyped which I couldn’t understand why as this film was certainly not a spectacular film. Don’t get me wrong this film is class but I’ve seen from social media that it’s the best superhero film of all time. Have you forgotten The Dark Knight? There are superhero films better than this.

But there’s one thing this film should take massive applaud and it’s the representation of black people in this film. Whenever you watch films, mostly you see black people in a negative aspect. They are criminals, drug dealers or being slaves. For this film you don’t see anything of that, you see black people flourishing their blackness in a positive aspect. Although the film deals with conflicts and how it’s like to be a black person in Wakanda etc, it all comes back in knowing your values and traditions. Black people are allowed to portray their African heritage in where I believe Nigerian culture was featured and to see it in the screen makes you feel proud when watching it. Black Panther, an enthralling film has reached new rights.  It has brought positive cultural representation for black people in where could open doors for other opportunities to include black people and display their blackness in a positive aspect. Legacy for this film may be pending in years to come.

#wheninrome review

There have been some films you have always wanted to watch but either you didn’t have the time to watch it or you have forgotten. When In Rome is one of those moves I wanted to watch. From what I’ve seen it looks interesting and when it appeared on BBC Two on the 2nd of January, this was my opportunity to watch. It also gives me the chance to see Kristen Bell as I had a crush on her when I see her on TV programmes such as Veronica Mars and Heroes and films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat.

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This romantic-comedy film that was released in January 2010 starts Kristen Bell as Beth who is married to her job heads to Rome for her sister’s wedding in where she’s engaged to an Italian guy.  At the wedding she meets Nick (Josh Duhamel) and they hit it off. She started to believe that finding love is real but when she goes to find him, her hopes are dashed as she sees him kissing another woman and understandably she gets upset. She mutters to herself in where she steals 4 coins from a special fountain. However what she didn’t know that from the fountain, picking a coin will making people fall in love with you in where she’s pursued by 4 guys Lance (Jon Heder), Gale (Dax Shepard) who is Kristen’s Bell partner at the time before they got married), Antonio (Will Arnett) and Al (Danny DeVito).

From the first 20-25 minutes the film looked alright and maybe it had potential to be a decent film but the film fell down dramatically. The turning point was the 4 guys in where they under as spell thanks to the coins from the fountain in where they are in love with Beth and they start chasing her one by one.  The purist of Beth from the guys was made to look this was a funny chase but not only it was unfunny, it was uncomfortable and unsettling to watch. You would feel sorry for Beth. If you do laugh, it would be laugher of resentment.

The tarnished script doesn’t help the film as it’s so filthy. We have Beth’s boss, Celeste (Anjelica Houston) aiming to be a wannabe Meryl Streep in The Devils Wears Prada but it fails miserably. And the two leads Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel who are not awful in this film who have little chemistry but as its chemistry that makes them fall in love each other and I am thinking how is that possible as the film doesn’t give it justice. Scene after scene made the film look disastrous. The only positive thing you could say about the film is how beautiful Rome looks.

#kristenbell #joshduhamel

I have watched films that are not good but this film is in a category of really bad films. Romantic-comedy films are not normally good films but I was intrigued in the film. It became a film I wouldn’t want to see again. It’s a distasteful, forgettable, shocking film and one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.


Suicide Squad Review

This year has been a year of comic book superhero films. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, X Men Apocalypse and Doctor Strange which is out later this year. This month was the release of Suicide Squad and I watched it the first day of release.  From the title, this film is not a happy go lucky film.

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The plot involves a bunch of supervillains assembled by Amanda Walker (Viola Davis) to help tackle high level mission threats that could disband the United States government and the world in exchange for lessen sentences. Directed by David Ayer who has made underrated films End Of Watch and Fury starts off the film with sub stories of each of the villains. Deadshot (Will Smith) the world most wanted assassin, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) an ex psychiatrist turned to a crazy supervillain thanks to the help of the joker (Jardo Leto) who she fell in love with in where it’s a dysfunctional abusive relationship, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) who can detonate deadly boomerangs, fire ability mental human ex gangster El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Killer Croc (Adewable Akinnoye-Agbaje) who’s suffered a skin condition and has crocodile features. From that you feel this film is showing for greatness but the plot becomes sluggish.

You may be given the impression that the supervillains are going to enable missions from around the world but instead it’s close to home as the squad who is led by Colonel Flag (Joel Kinnaman) has a girlfriend Dr June Moone (Cara Delevingine) is possessed by evil demon called Enchantress who aims to get rid of the human race. The team then head to Midway City to fight some CGI minions. With this film, you maybe think that Ayer wants to develop a film in where the supervillains will eventually become superheroes. But the problem is there are not superheroes. It’s a darkly film and as Hayley Quinn points out “We’re bad guys. That’s what we do.” There’s no character in where we can root for. This could be the fact that there is a lack of character development.  If there was more depth to the back stories of the characters this would make a difference in how the film will planned out. Instead, watching Suicide Squad remind me of watching Sucker Punch which was directed by Zack Snyder (director of Batman V Superman) in where I felt I was watching a video game rather than a film and this was reciprocated in Suicide Squad.  It’s just a bunch of supervillains killing bad guys and that’s it.  This makes the plot bland and the film predictable.

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However it’s not all bad. The film is pretty fun with enjoyable action scenes. The actors who played the characters do a good job. Will Smith and Viola Davis do a respectful job in their roles. Although Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker which was not only magnificent but also sinister and unsettling which is something you won’t see  a performance like that  ever be achieved, Jardo Leto portrayal of the Joker is something that has a swagger gangster feel which at times can be scary as he has a psychotic side. Does it work in this film? Yes but in some parts but not all and it could be the fact that he’s trying to element Heath ledger’s Joker performance and the character is in love as watching previously Batman films, we don’t usually see a character like this before. It’s different but also unusual. However this is not a batman film.  But there’s one person who delivers a top notch performance in this film, it’s Margot Robbie. Her character Hayley Quinn is something that makes you have an attachment towards her. Her energy, her presence, her craziness is something that makes her more appealing. This could that she’s wearing very short hot pants in where it shows infatuation and sexual desire and fantasy for men. I don’t think it’s necessary for her character to be sexualised in that manner but unfortunately we live in the world in where women are deemed as sexual objects. But don’t take anything away from her performance.

You would have hope that this DC Comic film would put the DC back to glory and although it’s better than the lacklustre dull Batman V Superman, it has a long way to be in line with the Marvel film releases this year. It could have been so much more.


Fast & Furious 7 Review

There has been a considerable hype around this film. This was because of the unfortunate death of Paul Walker who died in a car crash in where he was halfway of the film’s completion and as a result there were doubts whether this film will be completed. But here I am writing a review on this so it did go ahead. When Justin Wan who directed horror films like Saw, Dead Sentence and The Conjuring was directing Fast & Furious 7, you may think to ponder how is Wan is going to use his experience in an action movie in where he’s been involved in horror movies? You may that the film was going to be disastrous of what’s been going on but he managed to pull it off and made a film that’s ludicrous and at times unfulfilling but a thrilling ride.

At the start of the film you see Jason Statham who plays Deckard Shaw an assassin who’s the brother of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) attends to his brother at hospital after his misdeeds in Fast & Furious 6. He vows revenge and as he leaves you see in the background, SWAT members lay around in the floor and the hospital in ruins and later on he has a remarkable altercation with Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), you can sense the picture in how the film is going to be planted out.

In the way Fast & Furious 7 is structured, Fast & Furious 4-6 are prequels as this film is a sequel from the third film of the franchise The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift as it follows the events in where at the end of the film Han (Sung Kang) is killed and where we see in this film that Statham was behind it so he can send out a message to Dominic Toretto (Van Diesel) and his crew/family Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker), his wife Mia (Jordana Brewster), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman, (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges) who he feels they are responsible of what happened to his brother. They feel they are in danger in where they hope there will be no danger and instead have a peaceful life.

#fastandfurious #fastandfurious7 #F&F7 #franchise
#fastandfurious7 #F&F7 #franchise

Of all the films in this franchise which began in 2001, this film raises the bar in terms of story, the character development and the action scenes. As mentioned previously Deckard Shaw (Statham) is out for blood in where Diesel and his crew are his targets but when Dom retrieves Han’s body in Tokyo so a funeral can be held in LA, during the service, Roman said to Brian “Please no more funerals.”, I felt this movie is not just going to be an action movie but an action movie with some emotion as the characters in the film realise they don’t want to lose another one from their extended family so despite being their usual self, you could see a different side from them especially Toretto as he remises the good times he has with Letty and how he wants to have that back. This is welcoming and the story and the development of the characters are strong.

For Toretto, he needs to get rid of Shaw but as he has a one to one with him, he gets interrupted by Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) who will help him track Shaw if he cooperates with him and his team to retrieve a tracking device called God’s Eye which was created by Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and as I mentioned the film raises the bar, it does especially in the action scenes. You will see Troetto and his crew go to places like Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, Abu Dubai and LA in where you see the team parachute their cars from a boarding plane, O’Connor running from the bus as it’s about to side off from a cliff, and a car crashes from one building to another. Although the action can be intense, thrilling and joyous, these spectacles can be ludicrous and daft. But despite that and alongside the story and the character development, it works extremely well in the first two periods of the film.

However scripts for the story had to be rewritten unfortunately after Paul Walker’s death and you can notice there was hiccups as the film began to fall flat as the film reaches its conclusion. Dwayne Johnson’s character is limited for the majority of the film which is a shame until the end in where he fires machine gun across the helicopter but you do question whether he was needed in this film at all as he had a minor role. Diesel and Statham showdowns particularly in the car park in where it lasts around 15 minutes are uneventful and dull. And Jakande (Djimon Hounsou) who kidnapped Ramsey in order to use God Eye to use it for his evil works forms an alliance with Shaw to target Toretto and his crew but there’s no back story between the pair. Although this may be a minor issue, it does leave with unanswered answers.

#paulwalker #forpaul
#paulwalker #forpaul

But this film is for Paul Walker in where his voice and face were CGI and his brothers Caleb and Cody completed his remaining scenes as body doubles and a result we see Walker on form. And there’s a splendid fitting tribute for him and you begin to understand why Toretto is a family man as during the film he says “I have no friends. I got family.” A line I feel that’s unforgettable.

F&F7 is a film that’s set new heights and you get an outrageous, enjoyable and satisfying film. You could say it’s the strongest instalment in the series but it has missed opportunities to be a truly, remarkable film and that’s disappointing. A film in the series I feel that was class was Fast Five. I feel that film actually made the franchise tick as the previous 4 films weren’t great although I haven’t watched the 3rd film. It’s hard to see how an 8th film could be developed after a film like this in a franchise in where should have ended years ago but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one.

Rating 3/5

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Once The Musical Review

When I heard that Once The Musical was coming to the West End in London, I was well excited. I was looking forward to see how a film adaption is transferred to a musical adaption. It’s a musical that’s been out since April 2013 in London and after months and months of wanting to see it, I’ve finally got to see it in the theatre this month.

For those who know little about this, Once The Musical is a based on an 2007 Irish film of the same name (which is brilliant), and it’s about an Irish guy who’s a busker inspiring to be a musician, who later meets a Czech girl in a street who was impressed with his singing who’s also a musician and a pianist and they have a bond over their love of music through songs. It was a film that was successful as it was highly favourable in the US and it won an Oscar for Best Original Song for the song “Falling Slowly.” For this musical adaptation, written for stage by playwright Edna Walsh and directed by John Tiffany, offers a simple but moving and effective musical.

#ronankeating #once #musical
#ronankeating #once #musical

When Ronan Keating was announced as Guy for the musical from November 2014, I think it would be an interesting role for him to take as musicians who decided to be actors, sometimes don’t perform to the acting standard. For his acting role in the West End, Keating delivers a fine, inspiring performance and that would surprise a few people. He shows vulnerability when a man is washed up in bar before Girl (Jill Winternitz) pops up in where she’s approvals his singing and it gives him some hope. A few minutes into meeting, there’s a hilarious moment between the pair in where a vacuum cleaner is involved.

Jill Winternitz’s performance as Girl is quirky and impressive and as a result she outshines as Keating in most parts which leads him to be a passenger and with that you see his vulnerability. After all, this is his first West End role. However, vulnerability can be a good thing for Keating as he displays this when he is singing and he sings effortlessly especially in the scene, in where himself, Wintermitz and the supporting cast are outstanding when singing to someone who’s in the music business.

And there’s a mention of the supporting cast as when you at a theatre, you normally see the orchestra playing the music for the cast so it was unusual and a surprise when the actors are also musicians as they play the piano, guitars, drums, violins you name it and it was wonderfully played.

#once #music #musical #actors #musicians
#once #music #musical #actors #musicians

Once is not a traditional love story. It’s a love story in where people have a connection over their love for music and you can see it from the stage. However despite great performances from Keating and Winternitz, the connection is not efficient between the pair. In the original film, you can feel the spark and chemistry between Hansard and Irglova and it was special and from the musical, it’s not recuperated.

But it’s only a small criticism as the musical makes up for it with funny and hilarious moments as mention before. Tim Prottery-Jones and David Mehmet provide the biggest laughs in their roles and unlike the original film, it’s refreshing to have this in the musical. And of course the music is memorising and uplifting. It’s something in where it’s deserved to be applauded.

It’s a heart-warming, captivating, delightful musical in where you should see this more than once. If you watched it and you were unsure, see it again. It will change your view but make sure you see it before it ends on 21 March. You may regret it.

Rating 8/10

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Gone Girl Review

Hello guys. One of the reasons I wanted to blog was to write a film review. I was thinking when is this going to happen?? But then I watch Gone Girl that was released in October in where I watched it last month and I think to myself, I have to write a review on this as I had a lot to say on this so here’s my film review on Gone Girl.

“Everyone told us and told us – marriage is hard work. Not for me and Nick.” That’s what Amy Elliott- Dunne (Rosamund Pike) says in her diary in where she’s happy in love but into their five year wedding anniversary, she’s the talk of the town as she’s disappeared and it’s not good news for her husband Nick Dunne. (Ben Affleck)

This film is based on the same name from the 2012 thriller novel by Gillian Flynn. Normally when screenwriters write an adaptation of a novel, they don’t fulfil the standards of the adaptation. This is because the screenwriters are not the people who have written the novel but for this screenplay, it’s written by Gillian Flynn and it’s refreshing to hear as it’s a faithful adaption to the book which is transformed by director David Fincher to a film in where it’s intriguing, edge of your seat thriller.

into the beginning of the film, we see Nick entering his house to found that his wife is nowhere to seen but it becomes an murder investigation as there’s been traces of blood which has been cleaned up from the kitchen and with the interrogation from Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) who says to Nick “You look laid back.” on a case in where’s his wife is missing or even far worse and she suspects whether there’s more than meets the eye as does her sidekick Jim Gilpin (Patrick Fugit).

It’s a film that Fincher would be interested in. It’s a mystery thriller which has dark elements and with his 10th film feature, we see what have been accustomed to in his previous films in where he grips the audience and pushes the boundaries. It has elements of chillness from Se7en and the ferocious of the classic Fight Club.


The film constricts two periods. There’s the present, in where the disappearance of Amy Dunne has gone headline news and with more revelations, the pressure has got into Nick Dunne, whereas in the past, we see the digs into their marriage. We see that they’re happily in love into the first years of marriage but problems arises as the economy dipped and it took its toil as they both lost their jobs and have to move location. These periods happen two-thirds of the film and it balances off very well, similar to his previous film, The Social Network and Fincher deserves credit for that.

As the film progress in the middle, Gone Girl is not based on the disappearance of a woman in where the husband is the prime suspect; it revolves the marriage between two people in where we see the good and the bad (loads of it) and how it establishes. This leads to turmoil and their perception for one another has changed and where you hear the vows in marriage, for better for worse, for sickness and in health, their marriage gets worse each day and then transformed in a dark, twisted way.

And as a result, the fate and whereabouts of Amy is discovered towards the end of the middle in the film and alongside with great performances from the cast all across as the film reach its conclusion.

#didhekillhiswife #suspect #gonegirl
#didhekillhiswife #suspect #gonegirl

Affleck who’s dysfunctional as the husband in where he’s public enemy no.1 thanks to the misconceptions from the media, deliveries a terrific, convincing performance. In her movie debut, Carrie Coon plays Nick’s twin sister and she wonderfully displays an emotional and believable performance when Fincher playfully turns the heat on Nick. As a result, he hires Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry) as his attorney and he produces a comic but fine performance. And there’s Rosumand Pike who delivers her best performance to date. She must be craving for a role. She credited as “Amazing Amy” from her parents who led her to write books based on that title but now we see her vulnerability. But this actually strikes her and transforms her from vulnerability to mysterious to dangerous. Amy has that venom which has lifted her and made her more fascinating but also alarming as the music starts to build up whenever she’s in town and it’s a performance in where you could see her picking up some awards. This arousing display attracted Desi Collins (Nick Patrick Harris) who plays her ex-lover. Unfortunate for him and without revealing, it ends badly.

You may think at the start this a rom-com date movie but with David Fincher, he’s made a David Fincher movie in where its unnerving and unsettling and when Bolt (Perry) says to Nick (Affleck) “You are the most f***ed couple I have come across.”, this reflects on the film itself.

The ending may not be intriguing as it falls flat which is a shame but the twists and turns in this film alongside with the WTF moments are memorable. It’s bold, shocking yet a well thought engaging film which may become the talked about film of the year. If you are thinking of getting married, watch this movie first before going down the aisle.

Rating 7.5/10

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