Productivity Pressure

This year was supposed to be the year in where I travelled to many countries as I can as I like to travel but this been postponed until further notice because of a pandemic called Coronavirus. It has literally put many countries in lockdown. I won’t talk about it as much as that’s all you hear about in the news everyday and it’s too much. Besides I am not here to talk about this. I am here to talk about productivity. I was briefly on Twitter and I saw this woman tweeted this which made me think.

Why? As I get this sense there’s pressure to be productive in this lockdown in where people are staying at home and if we don’t learn a new skill or develop an online business then you are lazy and failed for not taking the opportunity while at home. It makes me think there’s a competition of who can be the most productive hence the tweet you see. I understand in this unprecedented times, it’s good to be productive so you won’t be bored at home and to keep yourself busy and occupied. I get it. We live in a society in we have to be proactive and hustle regardless of the circumstances. However all this continuous productivity can be draining and time consuming and as a result experiences of burnout. This outbreak has cost people to lose their jobs, lost their loved ones, not able to spend time either friends and family and this may lead to people feeling lonely, anxious, disheartened and feeling vulnerable which could trigger mental health so I don’t believe there’s a time in place at this time to be productive as they will be struggling.

Don’t feel the pressure to be productive because you see your friends doing it. They maybe constantly on social media in where they’re sharing content or being active but it’s not a competition in where you win prize money for being the most consistent. It’s not a popularity contest. Besides it can be difficult to stay motivated in where you are at home at for a long period.

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Be content of what you like to do so if you want to binge watch a series on Netflix, that’s fine. If you want to read a book, be in bed that’s fine. If you want to listen to music all day, that’s fine. Do what you feel that’s more comfortable for and you may even learn more about yourself. You haven’t failed if you are not productive. However If there’s something that I believe you should be the most productive is staying connected with your friends and family whether on the phone or by video calls. It’s the singular most important thing you should in this pandemic.

Looking after yourself is important even more in this pandemic as health is wealth so I believe limit your time on social media as you what you see is mostly negative which will cause unrest and it doesn’t really up your spirits so not using it frequently can be good for your mental health. Don’t listen to the news often too. So until it ends which it will stay safe and if you are a Christian, God will deliver us in troublesome times. He’s our refuge and our light.

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