Social Media Can Be The Death Of Us

It’s remarkable how social media has risen so rapidly. Normally you would have to wait 24 hours or so to find it some information on the TV, newspapers etc. but now it’s accessible in social media feeds so you can get the information beforehand. It’s a platform in how we communicate differently from sending a tweet/direct message on Twitter to posting up videos and pictures on Instagram. Social media has become a big source as it’s a platform in where you talk about topics that’s important in where you can raise awareness but also interact with other people who may have the same interests as yours. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your career, your brand as well in job opportunities. It’s a powerful tool.

However social media is becoming too deep. 5-10 years ago you wouldn’t have to worry about it but now you feel you have to get involved to compete. You feel you would have to say something crazy just to get likes and RTs and as a result new followers.  There’s pressure to be part of social media and be a regular user otherwise you feel out of place. It’s become so influential as it’s accessible to many people. And with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé to establish corporate and sports companies like Manchester Utd, Nike and RBS who have many followers who are also using social media, can use Facebook which has 2 billion monthly users around the globe not only to promote their work but possibly influence a lot of people. As well in that you see people with thousands of followers who think they are a ‘social media influencer’ and it’s mad and naïve for people to do something based on what a person says. You may see someone saying if a man has no licence, he has no ambition and for some women will see this and think that’s true and a man seeing this may feel I have to get a licence so a women will consider me. It’s mad what social media can do.

I feel social media can do more harm than good as people are getting way too involved on this. It was just a platform for people to voice their opinions but now it’s mainly negative thoughts as well in also talking about their personal life in where you think it shouldn’t be broadcast for people to see. It has created trolls in where people say malicious comments to upset a lot of people. Journalists who work for the Daily Mail, Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins are examples. They say outlandish stuff but it has worked in their favour as they received more attention.

Social Media
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It has made people feel disengaged as we seek social media for validation. Instagram is an example in where you post a picture in you hope to get 50 likes but you only get 5 likes. Whereas you see a different picture on your friend’s profile and they get 200 likes and you feel annoyed about it. You start preeing their profile and comparing it to their yours and you feel resentful towards that person as you can see why their pictures has huge likes as their lifestyle is better compared to yours. This will result in low self-esteem and in order to have that lifestyle and to be recognised you feel you need to something on social media. However, it can a decision that’s rash and this what social media can imposed on people. People have taken social media seriously and it’s sad.

You may say stuff that was uncalled for and even though you have deleted that comment, the damage is done. Jack Mayward was forced to apologise as the tweets, which prompted allegations of racism and homophobia, were published in the Sun newspaper while Maynard, 23, was in Australia. This promoted him to leave I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. People feel they can entitled to say what they want in social media but if you say unsavoury comments, it could cost your job or even your relationships.

However it’s all not bad as I’ve mentioned previously as you can promote your work, your interests and even reunited with people who you lost touch with. Social media has proven its power in motivating people to action as well as a strong resource to influence social, political and economic policies. It’s key to be mindful on how social media and that it doesn’t control our lives. For me personally I don’t want to use every social media  platform that’s available as I know it will become an addiction and used it as a sole leisure activity rather than going out and socialise with friends. Social media has it’s positive traits but has more downfalls that people realised in where people can experience bullying so it’s important to key an eye on how you view social media is it can be the death of us if we let control us. There’s more to life than social media.

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