Suicide Squad Review

This year has been a year of comic book superhero films. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, X Men Apocalypse and Doctor Strange which is out later this year. This month was the release of Suicide Squad and I watched it the first day of release.  From the title, this film is not a happy go lucky film.

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The plot involves a bunch of supervillains assembled by Amanda Walker (Viola Davis) to help tackle high level mission threats that could disband the United States government and the world in exchange for lessen sentences. Directed by David Ayer who has made underrated films End Of Watch and Fury starts off the film with sub stories of each of the villains. Deadshot (Will Smith) the world most wanted assassin, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) an ex psychiatrist turned to a crazy supervillain thanks to the help of the joker (Jardo Leto) who she fell in love with in where it’s a dysfunctional abusive relationship, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) who can detonate deadly boomerangs, fire ability mental human ex gangster El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Killer Croc (Adewable Akinnoye-Agbaje) who’s suffered a skin condition and has crocodile features. From that you feel this film is showing for greatness but the plot becomes sluggish.

You may be given the impression that the supervillains are going to enable missions from around the world but instead it’s close to home as the squad who is led by Colonel Flag (Joel Kinnaman) has a girlfriend Dr June Moone (Cara Delevingine) is possessed by evil demon called Enchantress who aims to get rid of the human race. The team then head to Midway City to fight some CGI minions. With this film, you maybe think that Ayer wants to develop a film in where the supervillains will eventually become superheroes. But the problem is there are not superheroes. It’s a darkly film and as Hayley Quinn points out “We’re bad guys. That’s what we do.” There’s no character in where we can root for. This could be the fact that there is a lack of character development.  If there was more depth to the back stories of the characters this would make a difference in how the film will planned out. Instead, watching Suicide Squad remind me of watching Sucker Punch which was directed by Zack Snyder (director of Batman V Superman) in where I felt I was watching a video game rather than a film and this was reciprocated in Suicide Squad.  It’s just a bunch of supervillains killing bad guys and that’s it.  This makes the plot bland and the film predictable.

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However it’s not all bad. The film is pretty fun with enjoyable action scenes. The actors who played the characters do a good job. Will Smith and Viola Davis do a respectful job in their roles. Although Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker which was not only magnificent but also sinister and unsettling which is something you won’t see  a performance like that  ever be achieved, Jardo Leto portrayal of the Joker is something that has a swagger gangster feel which at times can be scary as he has a psychotic side. Does it work in this film? Yes but in some parts but not all and it could be the fact that he’s trying to element Heath ledger’s Joker performance and the character is in love as watching previously Batman films, we don’t usually see a character like this before. It’s different but also unusual. However this is not a batman film.  But there’s one person who delivers a top notch performance in this film, it’s Margot Robbie. Her character Hayley Quinn is something that makes you have an attachment towards her. Her energy, her presence, her craziness is something that makes her more appealing. This could that she’s wearing very short hot pants in where it shows infatuation and sexual desire and fantasy for men. I don’t think it’s necessary for her character to be sexualised in that manner but unfortunately we live in the world in where women are deemed as sexual objects. But don’t take anything away from her performance.

You would have hope that this DC Comic film would put the DC back to glory and although it’s better than the lacklustre dull Batman V Superman, it has a long way to be in line with the Marvel film releases this year. It could have been so much more.


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