Gone Girl Review

Hello guys. One of the reasons I wanted to blog was to write a film review. I was thinking when is this going to happen?? But then I watch Gone Girl that was released in October in where I watched it last month and I think to myself, I have to write a review on this as I had a lot to say on this so here’s my film review on Gone Girl.

“Everyone told us and told us – marriage is hard work. Not for me and Nick.” That’s what Amy Elliott- Dunne (Rosamund Pike) says in her diary in where she’s happy in love but into their five year wedding anniversary, she’s the talk of the town as she’s disappeared and it’s not good news for her husband Nick Dunne. (Ben Affleck)

This film is based on the same name from the 2012 thriller novel by Gillian Flynn. Normally when screenwriters write an adaptation of a novel, they don’t fulfil the standards of the adaptation. This is because the screenwriters are not the people who have written the novel but for this screenplay, it’s written by Gillian Flynn and it’s refreshing to hear as it’s a faithful adaption to the book which is transformed by director David Fincher to a film in where it’s intriguing, edge of your seat thriller.

into the beginning of the film, we see Nick entering his house to found that his wife is nowhere to seen but it becomes an murder investigation as there’s been traces of blood which has been cleaned up from the kitchen and with the interrogation from Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) who says to Nick “You look laid back.” on a case in where’s his wife is missing or even far worse and she suspects whether there’s more than meets the eye as does her sidekick Jim Gilpin (Patrick Fugit).

It’s a film that Fincher would be interested in. It’s a mystery thriller which has dark elements and with his 10th film feature, we see what have been accustomed to in his previous films in where he grips the audience and pushes the boundaries. It has elements of chillness from Se7en and the ferocious of the classic Fight Club.


The film constricts two periods. There’s the present, in where the disappearance of Amy Dunne has gone headline news and with more revelations, the pressure has got into Nick Dunne, whereas in the past, we see the digs into their marriage. We see that they’re happily in love into the first years of marriage but problems arises as the economy dipped and it took its toil as they both lost their jobs and have to move location. These periods happen two-thirds of the film and it balances off very well, similar to his previous film, The Social Network and Fincher deserves credit for that.

As the film progress in the middle, Gone Girl is not based on the disappearance of a woman in where the husband is the prime suspect; it revolves the marriage between two people in where we see the good and the bad (loads of it) and how it establishes. This leads to turmoil and their perception for one another has changed and where you hear the vows in marriage, for better for worse, for sickness and in health, their marriage gets worse each day and then transformed in a dark, twisted way.

And as a result, the fate and whereabouts of Amy is discovered towards the end of the middle in the film and alongside with great performances from the cast all across as the film reach its conclusion.

#didhekillhiswife #suspect #gonegirl
#didhekillhiswife #suspect #gonegirl

Affleck who’s dysfunctional as the husband in where he’s public enemy no.1 thanks to the misconceptions from the media, deliveries a terrific, convincing performance. In her movie debut, Carrie Coon plays Nick’s twin sister and she wonderfully displays an emotional and believable performance when Fincher playfully turns the heat on Nick. As a result, he hires Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry) as his attorney and he produces a comic but fine performance. And there’s Rosumand Pike who delivers her best performance to date. She must be craving for a role. She credited as “Amazing Amy” from her parents who led her to write books based on that title but now we see her vulnerability. But this actually strikes her and transforms her from vulnerability to mysterious to dangerous. Amy has that venom which has lifted her and made her more fascinating but also alarming as the music starts to build up whenever she’s in town and it’s a performance in where you could see her picking up some awards. This arousing display attracted Desi Collins (Nick Patrick Harris) who plays her ex-lover. Unfortunate for him and without revealing, it ends badly.

You may think at the start this a rom-com date movie but with David Fincher, he’s made a David Fincher movie in where its unnerving and unsettling and when Bolt (Perry) says to Nick (Affleck) “You are the most f***ed couple I have come across.”, this reflects on the film itself.

The ending may not be intriguing as it falls flat which is a shame but the twists and turns in this film alongside with the WTF moments are memorable. It’s bold, shocking yet a well thought engaging film which may become the talked about film of the year. If you are thinking of getting married, watch this movie first before going down the aisle.

Rating 7.5/10

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