David Moyes: From The Chosen One to The Sacked One

New Era


It was always going to be a difficult job for David Moyes to take over from manager Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester Utd in where he produced a major transformation of the club within the 26 years he was there. He won 38 trophies which included 13 Premier League titles and 2 Champions League titles in his campaign and he’s regarded to be one of the best or arguably the best manager of all the time. His work ethic, determination and the hunger for success was remarkable and forever will be a legend with the united faithful.

Moyes was regarded as the chosen one as Sir Alex recommended him to the board in where he was appointed quickly when Ferguson announced his retirement. It seems to be as a safe choice for the board to make as Ferguson felt Moyes has similar attributes and personality as him and also he is Scottish. It was a start of a new era as Moyes was handed a six year contract which was a statement from the club that they want the same longevity and stability as they had with Sir Alex. However, people questioned the appointment. Despite 11 years of being at Everton in when Moyes was successful in his job, he didn’t guide them to win a trophy. He didn’t have the experience in working for a big club and he lacked european experience although he did guided Everton to qualifying rounds of the Champions League. Despite questions of his credibility, Moyes was given the opportunity and it seems to be working as he had a great start in the first Premier League as Man Utd Manager as they won 4-1 against Swansea.

A Disastrous Transfer Window

When you at a big club, you need to spend well in the transfer window in order to outgun your rivals. Manchester Utd had been successful in doing this but for this summer window, it didn’t happen. Moyes tried to sign star players like Fabregas and Thiago from Barcelona but it failed as Fabregas wanted to stay and Thiago went to Bayern Munich. Moyes made an effort to sign his previous players from Everton, Baines and Felliani for a joint bid of £30m but Everton rejected and calling it derisory. At the end, Fellinai joined at the club at deadline day with a fee of £27.5m but eyebrows were raised as Felliani had a clause in his contract that he can leave for £23.5m but that ended in July. United could have got Felliani for a lower fee but they end up spending more and as they got him in the last day of the transfer window was it really the player they wanted? There were potential targets to get Ander Herrera and Fabio Conceratro from Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid but it wasn’t successful either. It was a disastrous transfer window and questions need to be asked in whether Moyes had the support from the club to pursue his targets or whether Executive Vice chairman Ed Woodward who replaced David Gill (A huge loss for United) didn’t fulfil his duties in the transfer window. It was an embarrassment for the club in where they need to be better in the next summer transfer window.

Missed Opportunities = Misfortunes

The lack of opportunities of the transfer window came back to haunt the club as they suffered back to back Premier Leagues defeats to their local rivals Manchester City in where they lost 4-1 and 2-1 to West Brom in September. There wasn’t a major crisis but the atmosphere at the club seems bleak. In December, they lost suffered back to back defeats again but this time at home in where they lost 1-0 to Everton and Newcastle. It was the first time since 2001/02 season in where they lost 2 games in a row at Old Trafford. At this moment, questions were being asked in whether Moyes is the right man for this job and if he can build up the team. But then there was a period in where things were getting back to normal as United won six games in a row in all competitions. But then in the New Year, they suffered 3 defeats in a row the first time since 2001 to Tottenham in where ended their ambitions in regaining the title and against Swansea and Sunderland in the FA Cup and The Capital One Cup. Moyes began to feel the pressure of the job as some fans wanted him gone and from his body language, he seemed lost, agitated and uncomfortable when United were struggling.

Hope That Lead To Disillusion And Despair


The January transfer window arrived and it was for United to strengthen their squad in order to turn the season around as it has been poor. The requisition of Juan Mata from Chelsea for £37m record singing was what Man Utd needed as they have been lacking in creativity and flair. People like me was bemused that Chelsea let a player go of his quality in where he was player of the season at his previous club for two seasons running. But I and the fans weren’t complaining. We were delighted of the signing and we hoped this can transformed our team. But it wasn’t the case and the team went backwards and the performances start to become worse. A performance that was really poor was against Olympiakos in the last 16 of the Champions League in a two legged tie. Everyone including myself said United should win this comfortably but it was the complete opposite. We lost 2-0 and it was a diabolical performance and one of the worst performances I have ever seen. There was no fight, motivation and flair. The players were lost, the staff were lost and David Moyes was questionable in his post-match analysis. He didn’t noticed that the media and fans alike that Man Utd weren’t organised and weren’t playing the united way. Even though Man Utd won the return leg 3-0, prior to that there was a new low at the club. Manchester Utd faced Liverpool at Old Trafford and it was arguable the biggest premier league match. It was a great opportunity for The Red Devils to show who they are but once again they fall flat as they lost 3-0 but the matter of the defeat was hard to take. Not only we lost to our rivals but the way we played was shocking. No desire, no motivation and I felt the players didn’t want to play for Moyes no more as players were questioning his tactics for a while and for that moment this was the beginning of the end for Moyes. His comments saying that Liverpool was the favourites going into the game didn’t go down well. It seemed that he had no hope for United and it showed greatly.

A Broken Relationship Led To Decision Making


Results got worse and performances were declining and declining as we lost to our rivals Man City 3-0 and lost 3-1 to Bayern Munich in the 2nd leg of the Champions League quarter-final. However, there was an opportunity of redemption after the Bayern game as we faced Everton in where it was an important game for Moyes as he was going back to Everton for the first time. He hoped for response from his players but once again they failed to deliver. A 2-0 defeat confirmed they can’t qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 1995 and for Moyes to say afterwards that his team were the better side was beyond belief. The fear factor of clubs playing against Manchester Utd has disappeared for a long time and it was worrying. Moyes suffered a broken relationship between the players, the fans but especially the board as the next day, there were strong reports from social media that David Moyes is on brink of losing his job. The club didn’t deny or confirm the reports but it was clear that a change was imminent. And then on 22nd April 2014, David Moyes was now the sacked one. It’s a coincidence that on that day last year Manchester Utd won the Premier League title. I was a bit surprised when the announcement was made as I was thinking Moyes is going to last for the whole season as he was given a six year contact but they acted as results have been unacceptable. And with that short statement the club made, it seemed to me that the club wasn’t that bothered with him no more.

Final Thoughts

Even though it was inventible that Moyes would be sacked, for me personally, I would have like him to be given more time. Managers should always get time in their job as it takes years for a project to come together. He could have successful in his second season as Brendan Rogers had a poor first season at Liverpool but now this season Liverpool are playing brilliantly and they could win a league title for the first time in nearly 24 years. However, if there’s an opportunity for a change, this was the time. His structure, direction and tactics were wrong and it weren’t right for the club. He tried to apply his methods in where he thought would get results but it wasn’t successful. He didn’t realise that the expectations of this club is completely different to his days at Everton. But the players should take the blame as well. They have been diabolical. The players have been uncreative, unadventurous and underperformed and that’s disappointing.

David Moyes leaves United after less than 10 Months with unwanted records. Records include in where Man Utd have lost to Everton, Liverpool and Man City home and away in one season in the Premier League for the first time, guaranteed to finished the season in the Premier League with a worst points tally, losing to a Greek side in the Champions League for the first time and a worst home record in 10 years. Although he could have been successful if he kept some of the backroom staff that knew the club and to help guide him but he decline but now he’s gone and people have put the blame on Six Alex for recommending him to the board but I don’t think it’s his fault. It was the board who chosen him and not Sir Alex.

His successor is Ryan Giggs as an interim manager until the end of the season. There’s been talk that the fans favourite should get the job on a permanent basis as he’s been at the club for over 20 years but he lacks manageable experience. Personally I would like the club to get Diego Simeone as he’s brilliant tactician. I also wouldn’t mind Jürgen Kloop as he’s a likable man who has terrific work ethic but the favourite to take the job seems to be Louis Van Gaal. But whoever takes over, they will need to spend big in the next transfer window which is massive for the club as this season has been beyond poor. I believe 5-6 new players should come in. If Manchester Utd has another unsuccessful transfer window, then I fear for the club. It could take years rather than months for the club to rebuild again.

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